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Autodidact fine art painter and illustrator inspired by quantum science, particles, astronomy, and automatic drawing, in relation to the human condition.



Limited Edition Prints

Work on wood

Stylings on wood panel 

  • Commission

    Smaller 11”x14” original paintings on canvas

  • Support local living artists


    “There was an artist whose skills did impress,
    With colors that brought life and finesse,
    He took plastics once used,
    And artfully infused,
    To create beauty, and help the earth, no less.”

  • Realism

    In addition to intergalactic portraits of every day space beings, I can also paint photo realistic portraits as well.

  • Automatic drafts

    As an artist, I often use a technique,
    To let the subconscious take control and speak,
    I suppress rational thought,
    And let spontaneity run the plot,
    This approach is linked to Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism, and it's part of my creative clique.

Multimedia collage

Work on wood

Stylings on wood panel